Brazilian Butt Lift

Salt Lake City & Kaysville, UT

Celebrities and social media influencers – not to mention yoga pants – have created a resurgence in interest in having the perfect posterior. But very few of us -including all those a-listers with the beautiful butts – are born with that perfectly round buttocks. The good news is that autologous fat transfer – fat taken from one are of the body and injected into another – can give you the shapely behind you’ve always wanted.

Earlier surgical methods used for Brazilian Butt Lifts were painful, and often dangerous. But our new Brazilian Butt Lift technology, using autologous fat transfer, is safe and 100% natural – because it uses fat extracted from the patient’s own body to lift and shape the buttocks!

LipoLife and LipoFlow are the newest and most innovative procedures in the world of body contouring and sculpting right now, and we are the only office in the state of Utah that performs them! This in-office procedure is a precise treatment that uses laser energy to literally melt fat anywhere on the body from which you would like it removed – including the abdomen and love handles. The LipoLife procedure then suctions the melted fat out, but actually keeps the removed fat cells alive and intact – so they can be re-injected back into any area of the body that needs volume, including the buttocks or hips. The result is a rounder, shapelier, lifted buttocks – without the large incisions, pain or downtime of invasive surgery.

In addition to LipoLife and LipoFlow fat transfer, we also offer an innovate “thread lift plus fillers” butt lift procedure. During the thread lift Dr. Silkey uses tiny hooked stitches called “suture barbs” to attach invisible threads that gather and lift the buttocks skin upward – then dermal fillers are injected to add additional volume. The hooked stitches are invisibly placed under the skin and permanently stay in place – keeping the buttocks tight and firmly lifted.

If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area, and you would like a “better butt”, schedule a consultation at SilkeySkin MD in Kaysville, UT. We will help you get the curves you deserve with our minimally invasive, state-of-the-art Brazilian Butt Lift procedures.