Laser Tattoo Removal

Salt Lake City & Kaysville, UT

Nearly 30% of people in the U.S., and almost half of millennials, have at least one tattoo. But an estimated 50% of people end up changing their mind, at some point in their life, about the tattoo they received. For centuries tattoos have been permanent – with nothing a person could do but try to cover up a regretted tattoo. Now, thanks to the latest advancements in laser technology, at SilkeySkin MD in Kaysville, UT we actually CAN make unwanted tattoos disappear.

Board certified dermatologist Dr. Jacqueline Silkey, MD is one of the few medical providers in the entire Salt Lake City area to offer tattoo removal with the state-of-the-art Alma Harmony XL laser, featuring the specially designed ClearLift Tattoo handpiece.

This advanced laser technology utilizes special wavelengths of laser energy that target a broad range of tattoo colors, including: dark colors like black, blue and green; as well as brighter colors like red, orange, and yellow. The wavelengths are designed to only target and penetrate the pigment and not the rest of the surrounding skin – breaking up the pigment while not harming the rest of the skin.

Depending upon the size, depth, color, and type of ink, laser tattoo removal can typically require up to six or eight treatments, or more, spaced approximately four to eight weeks apart. Our Salt Lake City patients absolutely say it is worth it to get rid of old ink! We have removed every type of tattoo from our Salt Lake City area patients, including: old girlfriend’s (and wive’s) names, unsightly amateur or DIY tattoos, spelling errors or other “mistakes”, old faded or blurred tattoos, and symbols or designs the patient simply didn’t like any more.

If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area and have a tattoo you would like to permanently get rid of, schedule a consultation at SilkeySkin MD and we’ll help you decide if laser tattoo removal is right for you. We want to help you get rid of the ink you hate – and give you a fresh start, with clear skin you’ll love again!