Cosmetic and Dermatologic Surgery

Kaysville, UT

Silkey Skin MD in Kaysville, UT offers the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Jacqueline Silkey, MD wants every patient to feel confident in their own skin. She has helped thousands of patients achieve their cosmetic goals through her expertise.

What sets Dr. Silkey apart as a cosmetic surgeon is not only her extensive training and years of experience, but her philosophy on treating each patient individually and holistically. She often explains that she strives to “treat the whole person and not just the body parts”.

Dr. Silkey and her highly qualified cosmetic surgery staff offer the most advanced cosmetic surgery procedures, including mini facelifts, non-invasice blepharoplasty, brow lifts, earlobe repair, and the popular brazilian butt lift. She also offers complete cosmetic breast surgery services, including minimally invasive breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast reduction, and male breast reduction for gynecomastia.

Additionally, Dr. Silkey’s dermatologic surgeries include skin lesion removal (moles, hemangiomas, or any other), lipoma removal, sebaceous cyst removal, wound debridement, and scar revision.

Silkey Skin MD is one of the few medical providers also offering state-of-the-art fat transfer, in which we can remove unwanted fat from the body and put it back into any other area of the body as a “filler” where more volume is desired.

If you are considering cosmetic or dermatologic surgery, give us a call and schedule a consult. Dr. Silkey will address your questions, concerns, and goals, and then, together, you and her will come up with a treatment plan.