Get Rid of Your Skin Lesions for Good

How Dr. Silkey can help:

If you have skin lesions, there are treatments to make your skin clear again. Skin lesions can come in many forms, from benign issues like moles, to potentially serious problems like skin cancer. The good news is, no matter what type of skin lesion you have, there is a dermatology treatment to help. Dr. Jacqueline Silkey at Silkey Skin MD in Kaysville, UT wants to share how you can get rid of your skin lesions for good.

Moles are produced by skin cells called melanocytes. When the melanocytes grow into clumps, it becomes a mole. Moles are common, and it is typical for people to have between 10 and 40 moles, but these moles usually have a diameter of less than 6 millimeters.

Most moles are benign, however, they can be a sign of skin cancers including melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, or squamous cell carcinoma. There are some recognizable signs and symptoms of a mole that may be turning cancerous. You need to look for:

  • A change in color
  • An irregular border
  • A change in shape, size or height
  • A diameter 6 millimeters or larger

Visit Dr. Silkey if your mole or skin lesion is:

  • Oozing or bleeding
  • Itching or burning
  • Painful or irritated
  • Growing back after it has been removed

You can have your skin lesions removed permanently, quickly and easily. Dr. Silkey offers a wide range of treatments to get rid of your skin lesions. Consider:

  • Prescription medicated creams–to treat moles at home by stimulating your body’s immune system
  • Shaving your moles–an excellent way to remove small moles, with no incisions or suturing required
  • Excising your moles–using a punching instrument to surgically remove the mole; with this type of treatment, sutures are required.
  • Cryosurgery–using liquid nitrogen to freeze the mole or lesion

Mohs Micrographic Surgery; an excellent way to remove large lesions; the lesion is removed surgically and each layer of tissue is reviewed under a microscope. This treatment ensures less healthy skin is damaged in order to remove the lesion.

Skin Lesion Treatment – Kaysville, UT

These are just a few of the effective treatments available to remove skin lesions. For more information on these and other treatments, call Dr. Silkey at Silkey Skin MD in Kaysville, UT. Look forward to clear skin by calling today!