Skin Cancer Screening

Salt Lake City & Kaysville, UT

Year round outdoor activities are one of the best things about living in the Salt Lake City area! But all that fun-in-the-sun means UV Ray exposure that can lead to skin damage, and eventually skin cancer.

Sadly, more people are diagnosed with skin cancer in the United States every year, than all other types of cancers combined. However, when diagnosed early and treated promptly, skin cancer can be successfully treated and completely removed. Dr. Silkey at SilkeySkin MD in Kaysville, UT offers the latest screening methods and the most advanced removal and treatment technologies for benign, precancerous and cancerous skin lesions.

Dr. Silkey has screened thousands of patients for skin cancer – helping them stop worrying about their skin, and enabling them to obtain early, life saving intervention when necessary. Skin cancer screenings in our luxurious Kaysville, UT office only take about 10 minutes. And, should a biopsy be necessary, it generally just involves a quick and painless “scrape” performed with a numbing agent right in our office.

Dr. Silkey offers a caring holistic, personal, approach to dermatology – combined with the latest advancements in skin cancer screening and removal. If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area, protect your health by scheduling your skin cancer screening today at SilkeySkin MD in Kaysville, UT.