EmSculpt – Lose Fat and Build Muscle

Kaysville, UT

Feeling confident in your own body positively influences the way you interact with the world. But, even the most rigorous exercise programs and restrictive diets often simply won’t eliminate stubborn pockets of fat. This is because once we are adults we have a fixed number of fat cells that will never change. Working out or losing weight can shrink these fat cells, but they can not remove them. And, for many people, there just aren’t sufficient hours in the day to work-out enough to build the muscle they desire.

But state-of-the-art EmSculpt technology, now offered at SilkeySkin MD in Kaysville, UT, actually burns AND simultaneously builds muscle to give you the firm, sculpted body you’ve always dreamed of. 

Cutting-edge EmSculpt technology uses electromagnetic waves to triggers muscle contractions in the abdomen, buttocks, legs, or arms up to 20,000 times in a single treatment. A single EmSculpt session is the equivalent of doing an amazing 20,000 repetitions, which rapidly burns fat and increases muscle strength, tone and size. Our Salt Lake City area EmSculpt patients have experienced up to a 19% reduction of fat, in addition to a 16% increase in muscle mass in the areas treated with EmSculpt!

While many fat loss procedures exist, including lipo, CoolSculpting, SculpSure and more, EmSculpt is the only fat reduction treatment that also has the ability to build muscle.

If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area, schedule a consultation at Silkey Skin MD and we’ll help you decide if EmSculpt or another of our body sculpting, fat loss or skin tightening treatments are right for you, so you can get the trim, toned, muscular body you love.