Laser Pigmentation & Skin Lesion Removal

Salt Lake City & Kaysville, UT

Unwanted pigmentation of the skin – including dark spots and skin lesions – can affect one’s confidence in their appearance.

Year round outdoor activities are one of the best things about living in the Salt Lake City area! But all that fun-in-the-sun means UV ray exposure that can lead to skin pigmentation, including “sun spots” or “age spots”. These dark spots caused by photodamage can make a person look older than they are or feel.

Some skin lesions may be there since birth, including freckles, moles and birthmarks…making you unique! Other red or raised skin lesions can result from infection, virus, or other medical conditions. These unsightly marks can undermine self-confidence, as strangers and acquaintances rudely stare, or worry that the lesion is contagious (even though it is not).

The good news is that SilkeySkin MD in Kaysville, UT, offers the latest, most advanced treatments for removing pigmentation, spots and skin lesions, including laser skin lesion removal with Alma IPL (Dye-VL), Erbium, & Clearlift (Harmony XL) technology.

Now you can get rid of almost any pigmentation or lesion on the face or body that bothers you – with a painless, non-surgical laser treatment in our Kaysville, UT office!

If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area, and want to get rid of dark spots, skin pigmentation or discoloration, or skin lesions schedule a consultation at SilkeySkin MD in Kaysville, UT. Dr. Silkey offers a holistic, personal approach – combined with the latest advancements in laser pigmentation and skin lesion removal – to give you smooth clear skin you will love.