Men’s Skin Care & Wellness Services

Salt Lake City & Kaysville, UT

Dr. Silkey specializes in comprehensive men’s health and male-specific aesthetics. At SilkeySkinMD, in Kaysville, UT we cater to male patients by offering many services specifically for men only.

Our Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal offers in-motion technology that allows large treatment areas (chest/back) to be addressed as well as smaller specific areas (ears/nose) without pain. And for men experiencing thinning hair, we offer the latest technologies in non-surgical, 100% natural PRP, stem cell and microneedling hair restoration.

Dr. Silkey also offers male hormonal testing, evaluations and replacements, including – but not just limited to – Testosterone. We are also one of the few medical providers in the greater Salt Lake City area to offer the innovative P Shot, for treating erectile dysfunction and anorgasmia – and enhancing male sexual sensation and performance.

Our “Just for Men” Aesthetic Treatments include a Men’s Signature Facial that is tailored to men’s specific skin care needs and includes pore cleansing and addressing any ingrown hairs. We also offer a Deep Cleansing Back Treatment – a specialized facial for the back to help eliminate blocked pores and blemishes in an area you cannot reach yourself. With the use of natural Utah clay based ingredients we can help purify and restore the skin’s surface leaving your back clearer, fresher and smoother.

Additionally, our full line of anti aging and laser treatments – including Botox, Kybella for double chin, vein and lesion removal and more – can be tailored to a man’s unique skin care needs. And we offer he latest surgical and nonsurgical treatments in fat loss and body sculpting for men, including: Liposuction, SculpSure, CoolSculpting, Thermi & more.