Wrinkles occur most frequently in areas exposed to the sun and in areas where people move their face in one direction a lot. Examples are frown lines in between the eyes, forehead lines or even squinting from the sun causes “crows feet” around eyes. These habits lend someone to having wrinkles in the area of frequent movement and then proceed to having deep furrows, if left untreated. With time, our face loses volume and this combination of volume loss, untreated wrinkles, and loss of collagen production leads to an aged face that is not conducive to how we see ourselves. So, when we look in the mirror we don’t even recognize our face as how we internally see ourselves. This is distressing and we are trained in recognizing this pattern of 3 ways in which we can target facial rejuvenation and prevention of premature aging.

Whether you are trying to prevent premature aging and wrinkles from forming or you are wanting facial rejuvenation to restore your natural beauty and recognize yourself in the mirror…..we are THE professionals that can get you there. We love to educate (as you can tell from our website) so we will focus on where you are and where you want to be!!!

Treatment for wrinkles runs the gamut from topical creams and moisturizers to cosmetic procedures. The most common medical treatments are:

  • Alpha-hydroxy acids, preparations made from “fruit acids” that produce subtle improvements in the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Antioxidants, creams consisting of Vitamins A, C and E and beta-carotene that improves the appearance of wrinkles and provides some additional sun protection.
  • Moisturizers, which temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Vitamin A Acid, which helps alleviate some of the signs of aging, including mottled pigmentation (e.g., liver spots), roughness and wrinkling.The best prevention for wrinkles is to keep the skin moisturized, use approved sunscreens and wearing sunglasses to prevent crows feet and eye damage from the sun. Yes, the sun causes eye damage over time but always wear high quality sunglasses that block 100% UVA and UVB rays.Botox and other neurotoxins can prevent wrinkles in people who frequently move an area of the face. This naturally gets your body to break the habit of making that unhealthy movement. We specialize in not creating a “frozen” face. Dr. Silkey and Eric speak frequently on “Natural results using neuromodulators and fillers” and this is their highest priority for everyone who desires restoring natural beauty or preventative treatment. Dr. Silkey and Eric are trained on many advanced techniques and can create a unique plan based on your desires and needs.
  • Chemical Peels (medium to deep depending on wrinkle depth)​
  • Medical Dermabrasion
  • Botox/Dysport/Xeomin
  • Advanced Fillers or PRP to “reinflate” areas that have lost volume.
  • Laser resurfacing (ablative is faster but has some downtime with healing). We offer the BEST nonablative laser skin resurfacing with no downtime as well as the best ablative choices (fractionated)
  • ​Ultherapy (ultrasound skin lifting and tightening by causing your body to produce more collagen). Surgeons worldwide use this therapy IN ADDITION TO facelifts to create collagen production. And Dr. Silkey is a firm believer in using Ultherapy with all of her surgical and nonsurgical patients. Eric is certified in Ultherapy treatments and is one of the only offices in Utah that has a trained RN doing the procedure that is highly trained to focus on the anatomy that is needing new collagen production.
  • And LAST surgery (yes, even though I am a surgeon…..surgery should be considered LAST  (best for people who want an immediate drastic change or someone who waited too long to start noninvasive therapy and has advanced aging).

We also offer sedation for any procedure, if requested, and we can even arrange transport home for you if you cannot arrange someone to drive you home (obviously, you cannot drive home if you have taken any sedation).

The best prevention for wrinkles is to keep the skin moisturized and use sunscreen and sunblock to prevent additional damage from the sun.