Stem Cell Joint Therapy

Kaysville, UT

Silkey Skin MD in Kaysville, UT offers cutting edge stem cell injection therapy to combat joint pain and repair damaged connective tissue in the joints. Stem cell therapy can rebuild deteriorated cartilage, helping patients regain mobility and get rid of pain 100% naturally, with adult stem cells extracted from the patient’s own body.

Arthritis, athletic pursuits, and just years of wear and tear on the joints can lead to cartilage reduction, which can cause chronic pain and interference with joint movement. Dr. Silkey can regenerate deteriorated joints naturally by extracting stem cells from the patient’s fat and re-injecting them into the injured joints.

The job of the body’s adult stem cells is to maintain and heal tissues by continually replenishing damaged and dying cells. But in damaged joints, the blood supply becomes limited, so the stem cells don’t regenerate the joint as they should. When Dr. Silkey injects stem cells into the joint, several amazing things happen. The stem cells develop into new cartilage cells to repair the deteriorated areas; inflammation is reduced; and the stem cells release proteins called cytokines that both slows further degeneration of cartilage and reduces pain.

Stem cell therapy is minimally invasive, with no incisions, no scars and no downtime, and is performed right in our Kaysville, UT office. For the right candidate, stem cell therapy can be an excellent alternative to the pain, scars and extensive downtime of joint replacement surgery. Dr. Silkey is one of only a few doctors in the greater Salt Lake City area offering this state-of-the-art joint regeneration technology.

If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area, you do not have to suffer with the joint pain and limited mobility of degenerated joints. Schedule a consultation at Silkey Skin MD today and see if Stem Cell Joint Regeneration Therapy is right for you!